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The doyley of pain

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So I’m asked to describe how I concentrate to write or focus on anything when pain is such a major contributor in my life and a permanent.  I thought about it for a second.  The doctor had used the whiteboard and drawn “my brain” with pain in the background and words like focus, concentration, motivation scribbled at the front with arrows looking like they were trying to get into my brain. Understandably these things all present a challenge but the way I see it, is that the pain is like an intricate piece of lace that is draped across my brain.  In between the detailed lacy gaps things like concentration, motivation and focus do filter through.  And depending on how tight the stitching is sometimes it is easier for those things to flow through and other times not so much.  This might make sense to some of you – I’m…

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Kings Seat?… or Hell Hole… Part one and two now…oh and here’s 3 – ok I promise this is the last bit…no really…

The writer's blogk

A long, long, loooong time ago….well it certainly feels like that, I sort of stumbled along into acting and modelling.  That had to be said as I was doing some extra work on a vampire movie out in an area I live not far from now, Kings Seat.  Typical film day, we had to be on set at 4-fricken-am, and in make up after signing in.  So it’s cold and wet and windy.  The location is an abandoned insane asylum.  Big luminous floodlights are set up inside and outside of the main empty building.  Spitting rain plays invisible/visible as it passes through the light – gusts of dark wind causing frenzied flurries – mesmerising, hypnotising, vampirising – so yeah, it was perfect for filming a horror/vampire movie.

A bunch of us headed up to the gloomy entrance of the building – I was desperate to take a look around and…

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