When We Arrived presents: Our Song a poem by Evette the Poet

Nikki Skies

We are women, at times we’re complicated or misbehavin’ depending on the day or date shall I say. We are amazing in our own way. We step up to the plate and make the impossible, possible. For without us the world wouldn’t populate due to our ovulation chart.

We are women and we are smart, talented, independent and fabulous. We make remarkable things happen, when we’re multi-tasking. We set goals and achieve them, honor our parents and believe them when they say we are winners in their eyes and don’t forget baby girl you’re the prize. Walk with your head held high, and be wise making decisions in life.

We are women and we are brave. To our men don’t be afraid if we’re too strong, we had to be through history when others did us wrong. But if you’re patient you’ll see, our love is deep as deep can…

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