When We Arrived presents: Crack(s) Series by poet Sage Gallon

Nikki Skies

Photos are from the show, Crack(s) Series by: photographer/poet/author/visual artist Sage Gallon




Artist: Sage Gallon



I was born in New York, Long Island. I spent my formative years living in a Commune in Northern California. In 79′ we moved to Harlem USA where Mom put me in a Catholic school… That didn’t turn out well.  We then moved to Hempstead LI.  In the spring of 79 where I grew up.  I guess I have always been an artist, I drew before I could write, acted before I could spell… Although spelling is still a challenge.

I self published a book of poetry, Naked Under My Clothes ( I sold over 2,000 copies independently), We recorded the CD (Naked Under My Clothes) in 2014 and we are developing the one man stage performance due to premiere this year, I paint ( water colors and acrylics) and I am a photographer.

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