Seven Days of Reflections: Depression

Rainbow Autistic

Seven Days of Reflections: Depression,

I used to be happy,
I was more outspoken,
I moved around freely,
I remember the joy in my life,

That all changed in middle school,
When I wasn’t allowed to do those things,
I had to learn to be more reserved,
The pressure from teachers and peers alike,

I started to become more irritated,
Angry, sad, lonely, frustrated,
More phone calls from the school,
Telling my mother about my behavior,

I started to think about suicide,
I wanted to kill myself,
I figured death would be better than this,
I really hated my life,

Twelve years later and I’m still unhappy,
Things haven’t changed much,
I want to be happy again,
I want that joy back from age eleven

Copyright 2015, Kris Young

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