(Dis)Honesty (a quatern)

Pen's Ink


I’ll share my truth in this quatrain.
Can you find it, in the refrain?
I don’t stand too long in the rain,
don’t think of you, or speak your name.

I don’t wait beneath weather vanes,
(I’ll swear it’s truth in this quatrain!)
or confuse thunder with the trains.
Ask again, I’ll tell you the same.

Just because weather stirs my brain,
doesn’t mean I cannot explain
the truth you’ll find in this quatrain.
This longing won’t make me insane.

I watch the forecasts, don’t complain.
Weathermen I refuse to blame.
I don’t miss you, the fact remains.
There is no truth in these quatrains.



16 lines broken up into 4 quatrains (or 4-line stanzas). Each line is comprised of 8 syllables. 1st line is the refrain (R). In the 2nd stanza, the refrain appears in the 2nd line; in the 3rd stanza, the 3rd line…

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