Because You’re There…

My Life Through Poetry

Pulled me from the deepest pits of despair
Hurt beyond the threshold, impossible to repair
Smiling is natural, that phrase unaware
Talk about closure a lot but move on? Don’t I dare.
But somehow when the good times started, you were there
I thought I’d only have my sorrow to share
But when I laid myself out bare
Happiness came out, something like Anil Kapoor out of hair.
But let not this cheap humour mask the fact that I really care
And only few who know me shall I with, this piece share
But it’ll probably again be one sided, now is that fair?
Where am I supposed to go then out of my lair
Because memories of yours will haunt me even there
Where and how am I supposed to run away, don’t even own a mare
Let’s not think about it, lest this happiness I impair

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