Adios Antigua

Praying for Eyebrowz

My time in La Antigua de Guatemala was much too brief, but returning home to Studly and the Estados Unidas de Norte America was sweet.

Just a few images of the people and places that made my visit to Guatemala muy especial:

One of the many skilled weavers plying her craft.

At Hobbitenango–my new nephew looking very much like a hobbit silhouetted in the doorway of the tavern.

Next time your children complain about doing chores, show them this.

Beto and Hanna.😍

Iglesia de Catedral.

Cerrito San Cristobal patio dining with a beautiful view of one of the four volcanoes.

Leo, stealer of hearts.

Ruins in Antigua.

One of these three is my son posing at theCasa Santo Domingo.

Sunday brunch with the family at the Casa Santo Domingo. This hotel/conference center is a must-see, having been built to beautifully incorporate the ruins of a monastery.

Wedding guests enjoying the…

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